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Mobile Legends Is So Addictive!


I played DOTA 2 and Heroes of Newerth in the past and it was really an addicting game as there are bunch of heroes that you want to master. I’ve also tried League of Legends, but I still prefer DOTA and HON in terms of graphics as they are really amazing and 3D in all aspect. I played these games for about 4 years during my College life and aside from it is really time consuming you would really want to spend a few dollars just to buy the awesome skins or avatars for your best pick heroes.

These days it seems they are still popular as you will see on the TV or social media that there are always international tournament for this type of games, meaning it’s very alive. Then one time while browsing I’ve seen this MOBA game that all of my friends are sharing on their Facebook account and it is called Mobile Legends. I downloaded it and checked and despite of not that magnificent graphics I was enticed to play it several hours and honestly I enjoyed it, its looks, characters are unique but I can really compare it to the League of Legends even the usage of fonts, map, and other spells in the game lol, but anyway my point is it is really addictive, no wonder everyone of my friends is playing this game because of that reason.

It is free to play although you will stuck using rotational free heroes, the bad part is that you can’t used this for rank games so you will be force to play the game really hard to earn battle points that you could use to purchase additional heroes. I’ play the game for more than 5 months now and you know what I just got 10 heroes that I can use in rank games and I’m really bored with my current heroes that’s why I spend a few dollars to buy diamonds which are essential in the game because it is really hard to save for battle points and majority of the heroes are priced at 32000 battle points. To give you a rough estimate you need to play the game 7 days a week for more than 5 hours if you want to get that amount in one month time hahaha.Luckily a friend of mine gave me this site – Mobile Legends Free Diamonds Hack, where you can get free diamonds and battle points for free by just doing simple stuff. I don’t get it how they provide such tool, or what’s the catch but what is important I was able to redeem my free diamonds without the need to use my hard-earned money as I don’t have work until right now lol.