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Playing Games While Charging Smartphone is a BIG No!

I know gaming is a must for gamers like us, but we should not abuse our devices such as charging near battery empty phone while playing games. Why is it really bad? based from my research by continuously playing games while the phone is charging can damage the battery, shortening its lifespan and other technical issues my arise because of this.

It is a good practice that you not let your devices to be totally drain as in empty, you can leave at least less than 10% battery power before you charge. It is also best if you can charge your device while it is turn off, this will make the charging much faster and your device will be able to cool down from the stress that you made from browsing, gaming, and other things that you do on your device.

Some will say, battery replacement is pretty cheap. The problem is not all can be easily replaced, as there are devices that are sealed or those have battery internally locked up, and you need to had it replace via service centre by the help of a trusted technician to do the replacement. One more important thing, be sure to purchase original battery to make sure the device can perform like when you bought in brand new. This way you can enjoy long hours of gaming on your refreshed device. Share this article to your friends if you really care for your device. Have fun!