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Mobile Gaming Lag Problem No More!

If you are tired of playing games in your smartphone and not enjoying anymore because of too much lag, then continue reading this article to minimise or totally solve your problem.

First thing first, check your device if it meets the minimum requirements of a certain game. This include processor power, graphics power, memory used by the game, and last but not the least is if it required fast internet speed. Those 4 are the most important factors that can affect gaming performance. Let’s discuss them more closely one by one.


This is the core of your device and nowadays you can buy smartphones for a cheap price which is already equipped with hexa-core, octa-core, and even deca-core powered smartphones. Processors are mostly made or manufactured by company such as Snapdragon and MediaTek. Both processors have their own advantages and disadvantages like more battery efficiency for the SD variants and for MediaTek processors such as when a game only certain amount of processing power it will only used what is required meaning the other cores will be on idle state to prolong battery life as well.


Graphics is also one of the most important hardware that a game would require to run smoothly. The amount of memory it can process to a game greatly affects the performance. PowerVR, Qualcomm Adreno, Nvidia Tegra, ARM Maliare the most commonly used GPU for android devices and these are continuously updated to ensure they can catch up with the fast-phase


Memory is another important piece of peripheral you need to ensure smoothness of gaming in your device. When this runs out and let’s say consumed at least 90% from the game you are running plus the background apps, for sure you will feel some hiccups while gaming. It is now recommended to get smartphone that is equipped with at least 3GB to enjoy gaming with your device. Avoid 2GB devices as much as possible, It’s just a difference of $20 to get the 3GB variant of the device that you want.

Internet Speed

If you are playing MOBA games or RPG games online then for sure you need a stable internet connection speed. I advice that allocate at least 1MBps for your connection if you can do bandwidth management as the game needs upload/download to transmit data back and forth. For western countries, these would not be an issue unlike to other countries that the speed of their internet is very slow.

Just follow these tips and you will definitely find an affordable device that will suit your gaming needs.