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Mobile Legends Is So Addictive!


I played DOTA 2 and Heroes of Newerth in the past and it was really an addicting game as there are bunch of heroes that you want to master. I’ve also tried League of Legends, but I still prefer DOTA and HON in terms of graphics as they are really amazing and 3D in all aspect. I played these games for about 4 years during my College life and aside from it is really time consuming you would really want to spend a few dollars just to buy the awesome skins or avatars for your best pick heroes.

These days it seems they are still popular as you will see on the TV or social media that there are always international tournament for this type of games, meaning it’s very alive. Then one time while browsing I’ve seen this MOBA game that all of my friends are sharing on their Facebook account and it is called Mobile Legends. I downloaded it and checked and despite of not that magnificent graphics I was enticed to play it several hours and honestly I enjoyed it, its looks, characters are unique but I can really compare it to the League of Legends even the usage of fonts, map, and other spells in the game lol, but anyway my point is it is really addictive, no wonder everyone of my friends is playing this game because of that reason.

It is free to play although you will stuck using rotational free heroes, the bad part is that you can’t used this for rank games so you will be force to play the game really hard to earn battle points that you could use to purchase additional heroes. I’ play the game for more than 5 months now and you know what I just got 10 heroes that I can use in rank games and I’m really bored with my current heroes that’s why I spend a few dollars to buy diamonds which are essential in the game because it is really hard to save for battle points and majority of the heroes are priced at 32000 battle points. To give you a rough estimate you need to play the game 7 days a week for more than 5 hours if you want to get that amount in one month time hahaha.Luckily a friend of mine gave me this site – Mobile Legends Free Diamonds Hack, where you can get free diamonds and battle points for free by just doing simple stuff. I don’t get it how they provide such tool, or what’s the catch but what is important I was able to redeem my free diamonds without the need to use my hard-earned money as I don’t have work until right now lol.

Specs to Look For When Buying Gaming Smartphone


Nowadays there are many choices when it comes to gaming smartphone. The competition of the smartphone manufacturers became so big that individual prices for the smartphones became much cheaper or affordable, compared to the past few years when only the biggest names are available such as brands like Samsung, Apple, LG, and Sony.

Now there are Acer, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, which are the most best sellers of handheld devices because of extremely low prices compared to the premium ones. Buying a smartphone device actually depends on your budget, your requirements, but I want to make it clear that for a good spec definitely you will need to spend at least $100-$150. Lower than that you will not get a decent gaming smartphones that can play your desired games as game developers right now are making sure that the graphics is very detailed, meaning it would require powerful specifications.

The very important features that you need to look for when buying a gaming smartphone is the processor and the amount of ram it has. For processor for you to enjoy a seamless gaming experience, go with octa-core straight away. Don’t opt for hexa-core or lower, it doesn’t matter whether it’s MTK or SD variant as long it is octa-core it can handle most of the games that will be released this year and on the next few years.

About the RAM, go with at least 3GB of ram and do not turn away going for 2GB of ram. The reason is that for 3GB powered devices, by just the apps running in the background, it will also consumed half of it meaning you only got 1.5GB as free memory that the game you will launch will utilise. I know this because my current device had a 3GB of memory and I tried everything but I only got 1.5GB as free as always. I also checked my friends smartphones which are totally different brands and all the same memory left. If you will try to browse for mobile phones these days, you can see majority of them have 3GB and some are already 4GB variants.

Last important specs that you might want to look for is the battery life. It is a waste of money if you can find a smartphone with octa-core and 3GB ram but with less than 3,000 mAh of battery which can lasts only up to 4-5 hours of straight gaming. Be sure when you buy your next gaming smartphone, choose a device with a minimum of 4,100mAh battery and based from personal experience this can lasts up to 7-8 hours straight gaming, but again the bigger the screen and the louder the volume also affects the battery life while gaming.

Mobile Gaming Lag Problem No More!

If you are tired of playing games in your smartphone and not enjoying anymore because of too much lag, then continue reading this article to minimise or totally solve your problem.

First thing first, check your device if it meets the minimum requirements of a certain game. This include processor power, graphics power, memory used by the game, and last but not the least is if it required fast internet speed. Those 4 are the most important factors that can affect gaming performance. Let’s discuss them more closely one by one.


This is the core of your device and nowadays you can buy smartphones for a cheap price which is already equipped with hexa-core, octa-core, and even deca-core powered smartphones. Processors are mostly made or manufactured by company such as Snapdragon and MediaTek. Both processors have their own advantages and disadvantages like more battery efficiency for the SD variants and for MediaTek processors such as when a game only certain amount of processing power it will only used what is required meaning the other cores will be on idle state to prolong battery life as well.


Graphics is also one of the most important hardware that a game would require to run smoothly. The amount of memory it can process to a game greatly affects the performance. PowerVR, Qualcomm Adreno, Nvidia Tegra, ARM Maliare the most commonly used GPU for android devices and these are continuously updated to ensure they can catch up with the fast-phase


Memory is another important piece of peripheral you need to ensure smoothness of gaming in your device. When this runs out and let’s say consumed at least 90% from the game you are running plus the background apps, for sure you will feel some hiccups while gaming. It is now recommended to get smartphone that is equipped with at least 3GB to enjoy gaming with your device. Avoid 2GB devices as much as possible, It’s just a difference of $20 to get the 3GB variant of the device that you want.

Internet Speed

If you are playing MOBA games or RPG games online then for sure you need a stable internet connection speed. I advice that allocate at least 1MBps for your connection if you can do bandwidth management as the game needs upload/download to transmit data back and forth. For western countries, these would not be an issue unlike to other countries that the speed of their internet is very slow.

Just follow these tips and you will definitely find an affordable device that will suit your gaming needs.